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Keeping up with Google Place Page Updates

February 6, 2010 1 comment

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to keep up with the number of changes going on across all the different local sites, from Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Citysearch, …not to mention all the local sites in your town that keep changing as well.  However, in the last month alone, Google Place Pages has undergone a frenzy of important changes.  This posting will get you up to speed on what’s new and what you can do to improve your profile, increase your ranking on Google Maps and other local SEO strategies for the small business.

  • Enhanced Listings
  • Reviews added from local media, bloggers, and unconventional review sources
  • Special Announcements/Event Messages

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Welcome to Holmes on Local

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment

This blog will be committed to providing insightful commentary on the rapidly changing world of local.   The term local is a very complex and dynamic one.  It is evolving rapidly as local search, mobile , and social all continue to grow and change.   New services, sites, and applications continue to change the market in a search to solve problems or introduce new ways for discovery and interaction between consumers, small business owners, or both.  I will apply my experience in local search and advertising to hopefully create and share interesting perspectives and insight on this changing market.

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