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chatmeter launches to help small business manage their online reputation and improve online marketing

I haven’t posted here in quite awhile.   This is because I ‘ve been working very hard on the launch of my new company, chatmeter.  chatmeter’s goal is the help small businesses with rep management and online marketing.  We are providing tools for the small business owner to get back in the drivers seat and control their online reputation.  Many local businesses have lost control over their online reputation due to the explosion of customer reviews and social media. The chatmeter will track your business listings (on local sites like Google Maps, Bing, and Yellow Pages, customer reviews (across sites like Yelp), and chatter on social media sites (FB, Twitter).   Our free report can get you started managing your online reputation today.    If you are a local business owner or marketer, please go to www.chatmeter.com

We’re getting some great coverage:  Greg Sterling was the first to cover the chatmeter here.

Kelsey just wrote about us on their blog as well:

Here is a short company description:

chatmeter’s goal is to provide local business owners with the tools and education to manage their online reputation and marketing. Our tools will help business owners understand what people are saying about their business online (reviews, blogs, social media) in a single place saving time and frustration.  The service will allow them to track and manage their content and listings, improve their rankings to drive new business, and even discover new places to reach prospective customers.  The chatmeter will measure their overall online performance, provide personalized analysis and recommendations for improvement, and benchmark their performance against local competitors. As big fans of the small-business entrepreneur and their do-it-yourself attitude, we want to provide the tools and resources to help them take their business to the next level.

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