2010 Predictions – Am I That Crazy?

Since I am fairly new to the world of blogging, I’m going to hold off on developing my own top 10 Digital Marketing Predictions or Top 10 Mobile Predictions for 2010.   There are plenty of them out there (see below for more).  I only have one prediction for 2010.  It will be better than 2009.   2009 was a tough year for everyone and hopefully one we will not forget for a long time (even though we’d like to).  For many people, 2009 could be one of the toughest ever, but it will be important to keep in mind when everything starts bubbling up again.  We live in a boom and bust society these days and, as Americans, we tend to be overly optimistic (which can be positive too).  Anyway, I am looking forward to a great 2010!

I will say that one positive thing that happened in 2009 is the year of mobile.  The iPhone became the definition of a game changer, changing the entire landscape of mobile services from handset development, data usage, application adoption, and smartphone purchases.  It’s been long overdue and I’m glad to finally see it arrive.  Look for continued growth and adoption and interesting developments from Google’s phone and the Android platform, especially its effect on the entire GPS industry.  Their free offerings could end up being a game changer in that space.

Anyway, I’d like to thank Courtney Mills, who put together a great list that I just finished reading from industry experts about there predictions for 2010.  This is a comprehensive list on a various aspects of Digital Marketing (SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Mobile, SEM, etc). Here are my thoughts on a few on them that relate to Mobile and Local.

GREG STERLING: Increased Reputation Management

In addition to greater adoption for mobile and local social, Greg touched on an intriguing area that I’ve been particularly interested in for SMBs, which is Reputation Management.  He’s predicting a rise in reputation management for small business that encompasses:

  • Reputation management: adding services that help simplify and expose where SMB data and reviews exist online (see Marchex, GetListed, ClickFuel)

To an extent, this is a result of the Web 2.0 world in which content is created by someone and then picked up by crawlers and published in many other places.  The same is even true for business listings and the complexity of managing this (and even fixing it) becomes more difficult.  Small business don’t have the time or knowledge to find out where they are listed, make sure it’s correct, or even know where they should be listed and how to get there.  Furthermore, as reviews and social media continue adoption (especially while mobile in your local town), SMB owners will need tools to listen and become part of the conversation.  Kelsey has a great webinar on this space to check out as well.

SEOMOZ:   #1 – This Real-Time Search Thing is Outta Here

Real Time Search has been the buzz word for 2009 and we’ll see how it develops in 2010.  As businesses start/continue to really adopt and utilize social media, this will be an important tool to become part of the conversation.   Tools are still early in development so look for 2010 to be the year of improvements and adoption if the tools are user-friendly and effective.  Those that have already adopted Social Media will really start to try to determine the ROI and if not effective, reduce their focus in this area.

SEOMOZ:   #6 – SEO Spending Will Rise Dramatically

Many businesses are still just maturing in digital marketing, especially in the small, local business sector.   As these businesses experiment with SEM, many have found that competition has driven the cost per click beyond a reasonable ROI.  This will lead to a greater focus on SEO as an effective marketing strategy.  As marketing budgets slowly return in 2010, look for a greater percentage to move from traditional media to online as well.  Also, Local SEO will become more competitive in 2010 and an increase in optimization for Google Maps specifically.  This could lead to a much bigger level of map spam with multiple listings, increased categorization, variety of call tracking numbers, and more as businesses try to “game the system.”

MATT GRANFIELD:  Prediction #6: Companies will start exploiting GPS to a much greater extent.

Matt Granfield had some interesting thoughts (and very in your face style) for 2010.  Specifically, If 2009 was the year of mobile, then 2010 may be the year of GPS.  This may be largely due to both the iPhone and smartphone adoption and the free GPS service that Google has launched on the Droid.  If they keep a free service (very likely), then look for others in the space to follow.  Currently, most point to point applications are around $10 per month and have had limited adoption, but at a free pricepoint, adoption could go through the roof.

Forrester: 2010 – The Year Marketing Dies

Finally, Forrester had a great article on the evolution of the marketer.  I moved recently and came across my graduate school Marketing Book from just a few years ago.  While insightful back then, the marketing landscape has changed completely.  Good for a few laughs, but off to the recycle bin for that one.  Check out the article here.

Here is the full article and full list that Courtney has graciously aggregated:

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